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S.gif - 2870 Bytesince 1992 (f/t since 1998), I have thrived on assisting a variety of entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits on a wide array of projects. So, here on one tidy (albeit decidedly long!) page, is a sampling of the diversity of services I offer as well as individual examples of work produced for clients over the years. Click on each link to see the full-size image.

While I always welcome one-time projects, I'm most interested in long-term associations at this juncture. Probably my favorite opportunity was serving for 6 mos. as Interim Director of Marketing for Hopland Sho-Ka-Wah Casino where I replaced two full-time employees (while billing only 20 hours per week). During my tenure, I operated as a one-woman shop in overseeing their $1.2M annual marketing budget which I cut by 6% while achieving record attendance and "drops" (revenue) on behalf of the casino. Not bad for a part-timer, 'eh?

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...truth be told, I delight in the written word (maybe it's the Irish in me) ~ so I relish any excuse to put that affinity to use! And, after all the years writing under quick-turnaround PR pressure, I'm f-a-s-t, too. But, most importantly, I strive to capture the appropriate NWU.jpg - 20372 Bytes"voice" for a given piece based on the target demographic.

shim.gif - 43 BytesMember, National Writers Union.

Lambert Bridge Winery chef bio
Alderbrook Winery staff bios
(when under previous ownership)
"Upbeat Times" profiles:
"How-to" author PR article
published awhile ago by the National Writers Union in their national members magazine, American Writer. (While I had originally titled the piece, "Spin-It-Yourself Author PR," the article ran with the headline,
"Marketing Your Wares.")
Press releases, 6 samples
Makeup artist's ad
(in a wedding venue's guide)
Bio (story form) for author client
Vacation rental
(resort property description)
Article on domain names
published in North Bay Business Journal
(written in 2001 but still relevant)
Land development article
for Realtor
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...the page layout's only as good as the CONTENT though! (And, yup, I'm always involved in that aspect too.)

small format audio catalogue

22 pg. catalogue, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" format
cover and inside sample

Book cover - Before (from client) & AFTER
book flyer for press kit

Book flyer

3-panel legal-sized brochure

Client's 15-page presentation streamlined into
a 3-panel (legal sized) brochure

Radio personality, Shari

Avant-garde style resume

financial services event flyer
Event flyer - Before (from client) & AFTER, financial services firm
including newly-designed logo (click link to jump to section below)
audiotape company - order form

Order form (audiobook company)

Peace Christmas card for clientshim.gif - 43 BytesContemporary-design Christmas card for client

2 different Christmas cards for client's use
left card right card

Real estate flyer, Corte Madera

Real estate flyer, Marin County

professional resume

Professional resume (author)

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...the client's always "the boss" of course in terms of the ultimate design. One priority for me is to keep a close eye on navigation (e.g ease of use) for the oh-so-cherished visitor. After all, so much effort is expended in GETTING them to the site, certainly don't want them frustrated once there! Last but certainly not least, I employ a consistent focus on the marketing goal of a given website along with...y'know...perty colors & pics, etc. (wink)

LogiCom Project Management, LLC

National event management firm
full website design/mgmt. since 1998

RNC_12_mini.gif - 6116 Bytesshim.gif - 43 BytesRepublican Nat'l. Convention, attendee registration pageshim.gif - 43 BytesRepublican Nat'l. Convention, attendee registration page

Republican National Convention 2012, 2008 & 2004
on behalf of event mgmt. firm client, LogiCom Project Management, LLC
(NOTE: each of these webpages served as registration portals for Convention attendees -- my work was wholly non-political in nature.)


Contractor's webpage (including creating domain name)

Redesign of website for specialty insurance firm former domain name & website

Law firm "Before" (see "After" Arrow_lft.gif - 1001 Bytes Arrow_lft.gif - 1001 Bytes Arrow_lft.gif - 1001 Bytes)

now, fully REVISED 13-pg. site

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Law firm "AFTER" (including creating new domain name)

Real estate page for single listing
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Real Estate
(individual property page)

Real estate, comprehensive site
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Real Estate
(full site, owner now deceased)

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shim.gif - 43 Bytes a policy, I pass along my 15% agency discount directly to my clients -- so that's provided as a $avings benefit for you. I also aggressively negotiate ad placement which is KEY. As with desktop publishing, to me an ad is a combination of marketing message and creating visibility for the client's business development goals. I often employ visual tricks to drag the eye (kicking and screaming!) over to the part of the printed page with my client's ad. Frankly, I'm not interested in creating the most "beautiful" ad per se -- instead my primary goal is for it to be effective.

Full-pg. ad, regional business magazine

Magazine ad, full-pg., 4-color
author & executive coach

full page ad, trade publication

Magazine ad, full-pg., 4-color

author ad in San Francisco chronicle

Newspaper ad
author's event

trade magazine ad for artisan product

Digital magazine ad
for design trade publication

oversized postcard

Oversized Postcard
(to the interior design trade)

24 x 36 placard

Easel placard for trade show
(24" x 36" finished size)

trade show banner, 8 x 3

8' x 3' banner for trade show

newspaper ad, casino

Newspaper ad, casino

1/4 page 4-color magazine ad

Magazine ad
for educational event

animated ad for top talk radio station, Los Angeles

Animated (web) ad
click to see full-size + rotation

animated ad for online trade journal

Animated (web) ad
click to see full-size + rotation

ad designed by client

"Before" client-designed ad.......................... Arrow_lft.gif - 1001 Bytes

revised ad by yours truly

& "AFTER" (local newspaper ad)

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"Your business identity" ~ need I say more? Anything iconic should be relevant. Here, you see a compass employed for a financial services firm (have to set the right course, after all), a diamond for Diamond Baker, LLP (admittedly that was a tough concept to come up with)...and a vintage image appropriate for an insurance brokerage catering to Native American casinos. I would welcome the chance to do more of this stimulating sort of design/marketing project.

new stationery design for insurance firm
Specialty insurance firm
new stationery & business cards

new logo design for financial services firm
Financial services firm
new logo + letterhead

new logo design for lawfirm
Law firm
new logo + letterhead
(MS Word template)

Film Commission logo
new logo design for nonprofit
(dated) letterhead for insurance brokerageshim.gif - 43 Bytes(dated) envelope + bus. card
Insurance brokerage
new logo + letterhead

mini_Marcelli_card.gif - 6216 Bytes

Makeup Artist's card

Matt's card before & after
General Contractor's new logo & business card

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THANKS for taking the time to review some of my past work. You can learn more about my background and clients (including client testimonials) on my website
and I'm happy to provide client contact info., etc. - just say the word!

You might also want to review my
LinkedIn_logo.gif - 1906 Bytes
profile (including nearly two dozen collective recommendations at present).

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